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bakonf is a small script designed to make minimal backups of the configuration files of a GNU/Linux or Unix-like system. Its aim is to use various methods to reduce the size of the backup to a reasonable minimum, in order to be useful for remote/unattended servers, while still backing up enough to recreate the system (with effort) in a blank state. The actual user data backup/restore is a separate matter, which bakonf doesn't deal with.

The contents of the archives created contain enough information so that the system admininistrator can restore the system to a working, but blank state. Beside the actual information from the file system, it can store output of arbitrary commands, for example:

  • partition table
  • various /proc information
  • pci & usb device list


  • Python 2.7/3.5+
  • PyYaml
  • bsdd3

For more information, see the user manual in the doc directory, or read the documentation online.

Iustin Pop,